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If you’re a big fan of the insanely popular HBO series “Game of Thrones,” and can pull off a body-baring costume, Daenerys Targaryen is the choice for you. This character has a lot of distinctive elements, but is otherwise a fairly simple Halloween costume to assemble.


As a fantasy character, the Khaleesi of Dothraki wears clothing made of primitive fabrics with Iron Age accessories. But she is her own woman, which means her personal choices make it easier to create a look that is recognizable. And in case you need a GOT fix…

Daenerys The Blonde

On first glance, the most distinctive feature of any Daenerys ensemble must be the long, flax-colored hair. Any light blond wig with plenty of long hair can be corded and braided to resemble her wild look. Since this is the most important part of your Daenerys costume, don’t skimp on quality and spend time with a good close-up photo to be sure you get it right (check this Daenerys Tagaryen braids video if you need help).

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Every Fantasy Queen Has Assets

For some reason, female fantasy characters reveal a lot of skin. Daenerys’ most familiar costume is basically a coarse-woven halter top with a few metallic accents. Fortunately, Daenerys generally wears patterned leggings under a ragged light-weight skirt. It’s more important to find the right belts, as these elements will define your overall look. Layer a wide light-colored scarf with several metallic belts or necklaces around your hips, and you’ll look the part.

If you’re not entirely comfortable with this look, you can choose one of Daenerys’ flowing gowns instead. You’re entitled to a little artistic license now and then.

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Dothraki Love Leather

You’ll rarely see the Khaleesi without her short brown fingerless gloves. It’s an easy look to copy, if you can find the right gloves. Likewise with the boots. Soft leather with rounded toes work the best. They may be hard to find, so plan to hunt in more than one place. Be sure your boots are comfortable so you can really enjoy your Halloween party.

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If you’re dying to make your own “barbarian” costume for Daenerys (the most popular look, by far), here are some quick links to help you. Start with the wig, add a halter, skirt, belts, and boots. Finish off with dragon jewelry and a baby dragon for your shoulder. Feel free to embellish, layer, and customize from the suggestions below to create a Daenerys Targaryen costume that’s uniquely you.

Daenerys WigDaenerys Wig

Wig CapWig Cap – a must have!

Halter TopLovely Halter Top

Embroidered SkirtTextured OverSkirt

Stud Leather GirdleStud Suede Girdle

Stud Wrap BeltStud Wrap Belt

Fingerless Leather GlovesFingerless Gloves

Short Slouch BootShort Slouch Boot

ORTall Slouch BootTall Slouch Boot

Blue DragonBlue Dragon

Red DragonRed Dragon

Green DragonGreen Dragon

Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Pendant
Dragon Egg Pendant

Dragon Cuff BraceletCarved Dragon Cuff Bracelet

Dragon Cuff Earring
Dragon Cuff Earring


Complete your Game of Thrones fantasy costume with attitude. Become the character rather than putting on a costume. You’ve spent time and effort getting the look right, now get inside Daenerys’ head and be the Khaleesi you truly are. You deserve to show off all that hard work. Live your fantasy for Halloween this year.

Daenerys Targaryen Costume

Photo Credits: All photographs credit HBO, the source of Games of Thrones (unless otherwise noted).

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